How Walking May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

How Walking May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

More evidence that getting ourselves to move more helps prevent breast cancer. The interesting thing is that it works by helping our bodies change the ratio of estrogen metabolism to a more favorable shift to weaker less metabolically active forms (like DIM Detox works) and even works for women who are taking estrogen replacement therapy and or overweight.

Reducing total body fat, and altering the ratio of estrogen metabolites may make it harder for breast cancer to take hold. Women who walked at least seven hours per week had a 14% reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Women who were the most active, sweating vigorously for up to 10 hours each week, had an even greater reduction of risk to 25%. Find something you like to do or find something to distract you while you do it, but as they say, “just do it”.

— Connie

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