Life’s Hard Lessons

Life’s Hard Lessons

“Mistakes are our best teachers, so don’t waste them,” “Acknowledge them, learn from them, and become more competent because of them.” Dr. Rosenthal wrote.

“Most of us dread the prospect of dying, including me,” he wrote in the new book. “But sometimes, when the fear arises, I say to myself, ‘It’s a test that nobody fails. So you’ll pass it too.’ Accepting death lets you turn your attention to how you can defer the date and make best use of the time you have.”

Cheerful topics right? Life’s hard lessons and the inevitability of death? I find this comforting though. Mistakes are really our friend. How else do we learn and what is the point of life if there is no learning? And yes Dorothy we are all going to die and the rabbit hole of fear is real. So, jump feet first with gusto and pick yourself back up when you do not land on both feet because at some point we can all count on there being an end to this marvelous ride called life.

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— Connie

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