Connie Ryan

Please note: Connie Ryan is on a sabbatical for the first 6 months of 2024. 
Connie Ryan,WHNP , is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and founder of Central Family Practice. Connie started her care career as a midwife and helped many children come gently into the world from 1978-1992. She now sees many of those children as patients. Multigenerational health care is a wonderful perk of those years of staying up all night. During her years as a midwife Connie had a dream to create a clinic that provided friendly and nurturing health care. She envisioned a practice where both Western medicine and alternative practitioners could work together to help people choose the best possible care without judgment about treatment methods. Connie’s dream came true in 1998 with the opening of Central Family Practice.

Connie’s philosophy has always been that patients know intuitively what care is the best for them; all they need is guidance and expertise. She specializes in individualized care for women and helps women through PMS, fertility, menopause, (bioindentical hormones and herbal alternatives), postpartum problems as well as provides general woman’s health care since graduating from the UT Southwestern Nurse Practitioner program in 1992. She is a former faculty member at the Academy of Oriental Medicine.

She also enjoys educating women about alternative health treatments such as herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition and life style and offers guidance in using these modalities effectively. She specializes in evaluation and treatment of abnormal Paps (colposcopy), persistent vaginal infections, and problems that frustrate other providers. She sees each woman as an individual and creates a plan specifically for her.

Connie has lived in Austin for more than thirty years. Her passions are skulling and music. She is rarely bored because she treasures spending time with her friends and grandchildren and her dog Buster, but most of all rowing on Town Lake.