Vaccine Information

Although we no longer adminster vaccines in our office, we have come up with several options that will continue to offer families flexibility to follow a vaccine schedule that may vary from the standard recommendations laid out by the health department.   We stay committed to helping families with thoughtful and personalized medical care and personalized vaccine scheduling.

Options Available Include:

Shots for Tots – State Program for all children under 19

  • We will give you a prescription for the vaccines your child needs for their personalized schedule
  • Requirements for this program are none, other than to tell them that you don’t have vaccine coverage
  • You can get more information about Shots for Tots and their hours of operation at:

Local Pharmacies provide most vaccines for children who are older:

  • For older children, many vaccines are available through pharmacies and often covered by insurance. You would need to check your insurance plan to see what pharmacies are covered.
  • Sometimes a vaccine prescription is required
  • In both above scenarios, you can set up a vaccine visit with our office to prepare a six month plan for what is needed and get an Rx, if required by the pharmacy you will use

Medical office for those with insurance:

  • If you have insurance, you can go to a provider who takes your insurance
  • You will likely meet resistance if you aren’t following the standard schedule and haven’t done every shot at the required time using the CDC guidelines for vaccinating, so this may or may not be an option with which you are comfortable.

We want to continue to be a medical home that supports parents to participate in decisions about vaccine timing and other issues that affect the well-being of their own children.