GPS for the Soul

This link is for a free app that is really cool. It is based on beat to beat variability in your heart rate that is an indicator of how your nervous system is handling stress. The app uses your iphone to measure your heart rate and then allows you to pick a short meditation that helps pace your breathing to bring your heart rate into a more normal synchronized pattern and calm down your nervous system.

This is important for long term health of your immune system and for prevention of fraying the end of your DNA called Telomeres. This actually helps to smooth them out and prevent the “aging of your DNA”.

It is relaxing and interesting to see how your physical body reacts to day to day stressors. Learning to alter those responses and “chill” is an important tool in health. They have a fancier one too for 99$ that you can buy but so far this free one is very easy to use and is a great way to get in a short meditation in the middle of a stressful or even just ordinary day.

Breath … Breath… Breath… — Connie

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